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Buy Erika a phone!

Our heart goes out to Erika Jacobson Moore, political reporter at Leesburg Today, whose employers are too cheap even to supply her with that basic reporter’s tool, a telephone.

How else can one explain the article after article she writes, quoting only our local elected officials, and never even seeking comment from anyone who might have a differing viewpoint?

Her story yesterday on the supervisors’ vote in favor of the non-Beltway Beltway was only the most recent case in point.

She quotes Chairman Scott York (R-As of Last Year) disparaging critics of the Board’s action, notably the Piedmont Environmental Council: “Come on PEC, lets’ get with it.” But sadly, owing to her employers’ impecuniosity, she was unable to perform even that most elementary reporter’s task which consists of phoning Party B to ask for comment when quoting Party A slamming Party B. Continue reading

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An Outer Beltway by another name . . . still stinks

“Ce n’est pas un Beltway”

Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (R-When It’s Convenient) is absolutely indignant that critics of his new all-Republican Board’s efforts to do the bidding of the developer and road-building industry and pave the way (as it were) for their long-cherished Outer Beltway would have the temerity to actually say out loud that it’s the Outer Beltway.

“It is not a frickin’ beltway,” the eloquent chairman said.

The Board as one of its first acts in January hastened to order up an amendment to the Countywide Transportation Plan widening Belmont Ridge Road/Rt 659; with dazzling speed the amendment sailed through the Planning Commission and was put on a fast track for the Supervisors’ final approval, duly voted yesterday. Although last-minute neighborhood opposition succeeded in keeping Belmont Ridge Road designated as an eventual 4-lane (though still within a 150-foot right of way  . . . hmmmm), the Board approved expanding the rest of the road to 6 lanes. Continue reading

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Still MORE stupid sign tricks

Tomorrow our fearless Board is scheduled to take up the various brilliant schemes that Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) et al. have devised to pretend to be doing something about the epidemic of illegal signs littering our roadways.

Since abolishing the extremely effective volunteer clean-up program promptly upon taking office in January as  (a) a payoff to the developers who put them in office and (b) payback to those who opposed them, the new Board has been scrambling to cover its collective posterior with all sorts of half-baked schemes that will give the illusion of enforcing the law against illegal signs, while doing almost nothing in reality. Continue reading

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Spray first, tell lies about it later

Having blundered ahead and quickly ordered up $20,000 worth of pesticides to hose down 9 county parks as part of its very publicity-oriented campaign to pretend to be doing something about Lyme disease, our all-Republican Board of Supervisors is now trying to cover its tracks by throwing up a smokescreen of half truths and misinformation. Continue reading

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