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LaRock’s very welcoming district office

When right-wing tea party wacko, Koch brothers protege, and developer of garish yet crappy McMansions Dave LaRock was running for state delegate last summer, he kept promising how much he was going to Listen to the People.

Man of the People Del. Dave LaRock's district office (if you can find it)

Man of the People Del. Dave LaRock’s district office (if you can find it)

Well, Dave has now opened his district office, where any of us little constituents can feel free to drop in at any time for a chat or for assistance with our little problems.

The only problem is that his “office” is located within the $1.32 million garish yet crappy McMansion where LaRock lives, down a long dirt road somewhere or other.

Virginia provides state legislators a budget of $1,250 a month for their district office. But being Virginia, where as we all know our public officials are so incorruptible there is no need whatsoever even to have any ethics rules, there are no rules on how they must spend or account for that money. So LaRock has apparently decided just to pocket the extra $15,000 a year. It probably comes in handy when he has to pay the serfs who trim the hedges and wash the windows around the place.



Hounds CEO: It’s the government’s fault we don’t have a stadium yet

To the surprise of cynics nowhere, the CEO of the Loudoun Hounds non-existent extremely minor league baseball “team” now says that if only he had help from the government, Loudoun would have its dream-come-true of its very own baseball team.

In a lengthy interview in Leesburg Today, Hounds CEO Bob Farren — in admitting for the first time that  “construction” of the stadium has indeed gone nowhere, despite repeated false assurances from him to the contrary  — reveals that it’s the lack of government-issued bonds that’s been the real problem: “If we had municipal support from the county or the state, we would be playing ball right now,” he says.

Just to review, for a mere $70,000 in campaign contributions to our all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors, the Hounds investors have already received: Continue reading