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The People’s Business (for people who are developers)

If you’re a normal businessperson who actually believes in private enterprise and you have a dream of, say, building an extremely minor league baseball stadium in Loudoun County, Virginia, here’s what you do:

• go to a bank or other investors and get a couple of hundred million dollars to build it

• when hordes of eager baseball-starved fans come, pay back your investors the principal and interest you owe them using a portion of your handsome proceeds

If, however, you can‘t get investors or banks interested in your dream, because it’s a lousy one, here’s what you do: Continue reading

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Still more help for Kincora

The very generous campaign contributions that the developers of the Kincora mixed-use development and Loudoun Baseball Mecca To Be gave to help elect our all-Republican Board of Supervisors is certainly the gift that keeps on giving!

York (right) and poor cash-strapped owner of the non-existent Loudoun Hounds Bob Farren (left), during their county-paid junket to Germany this spring

Our Board may be on recess this month, but when it comes to arranging for still more taxpayer-funded giveaways to help the poor cash-strapped developers of the worst-located most-minor-league baseball stadium in the known world, our hard-working public servants never sleep.

Kincora already had received Community Development Authority loans and a special taxing district even before   Loudoun Baseball Visionary Bob Farren and his Virginia Investment Partnership dropped a cool 20 gees on the GOP board candidates last fall. Since then, as you will recall, Farren got to travel with his road-trip buddy Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) on York’s highly official highly successful county economic development junket mission to Germany this spring, though Farren’s presence on the trip was nowhere mentioned in any information released by the county about the trip. (Farren, Continue reading

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The Very Christian Barbecue

We’re all very excited about the barbecue that our very own very Christian very Republican state senator Dick Black is hosting, featuring “some special guests!” according to the flyer announcing this fun family event (“Make checks payable to ‘Black for Senate'”).

Dick Black, for those who just arrived on this planet (such as just possibly the people who elected him and who were thus were unaware of his past), is famous for such antics as (a) sending plastic fetuses to his fellow legislators in Richmond as part of his crusade against abortion (b) being the only person still in the history of the Loudoun County Public Libraries to call up an internet porno site (“showing some of the most extreme sexual violence imaginable”) on a public computer in the library, part of his very religious crusade to demonstrate why we need internet filtering to protect our vulnerable children from . . . people like him, apparently (c) siding with the Sons of Confederate Veterans to oppose a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Richmond (d) explaining that fellow legislators who disagree with him “are aligned with various elements of vice” (e) sending out a campaign mailer stating that his opponent is “a staunch homosexual advocate who endorsed boys kissing each other in public school plays” . . .

Anyway, the “special guests!” featured on Dick’s BBQ flyer include almost every local GOP official, eager to sidle up to such an saintly figure in the local GOP power structure. They will include almost all of our all-Republican Board of Supervisors. The only two not on the list, for some reason, are Chairman Scott York and Supervisor Ken Reid. Just a coincidence that they happen to be the only Mormon (York) and only Jew (Reid) on the board? Probably.


Our Heritage: all the way back to 1990!

Our all-Republican Board of Supervisors in Loudoun has since January thrown off of citizen advisory boards most representatives of heritage and environmental groups, attempted to appoint to the commission charged with protecting and overseeing historic districts a right-wing activist dedicated to abolishing all historic districts, handed land developers the “right” to build big box stores without special approval, eliminated the volunteer program to pick up illegal real-estate signs littering the roadsides, and moved to terminate all funding for the Loudoun Museum (even while handing the Washington Redskins football team $2 million in exchange for their solemn vow to keep a toehold in Loudoun for a few more years and send a football player once a year to speak at the Chamber of Commerce, which last time we checked was a private organization, though one responsible for a lot of money contributed to the campaigns of the current Board members. But that’s another story).

Still, when it comes to a real threat to Loudoun’s history, the Board is showing that it will fearlessly take on even so mighty a force as the legendary Donald Trump. Continue reading

Metro Derangement (Investigation Division)

We’re back!

Students of Metro Derangement Disorder, the strange phenomenon that paralyzed our normally very unanimous unanimously Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors, will recall the particularly acute form of the syndrome that afflicted Supervisor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) in the weeks leading up to the Board’s 5–4 vote approving the extension of Metrorail to Loudoun back in July.

At the last minute Higgins, who claimed to be very judicially undecided on the issue long after everyone else in the county knew he was planning to vote against it, joined with the truly indecisive Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) in issuing a lengthy set of conditions for his support, which included renegotiating the entire deal, putting off the  decision for another six months, requiring new action by the Virginia legislature, Fairfax County, the transit and airport boards, and the United States Congress, and suspension of the first two of Newton’s three laws of motion. Skeptical observers concluded he might just possibly be trying to torpedo the deal.

Anyway, as part of Higgins’s other not so subtle maneuvers to kill Metro, his office apparently committed a cardinal no-no and began sending out e-mails to the constituents of Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) insinuating Continue reading

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