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“Ken” clarifies his remarks

Poor publicity-starved Loudoun Supervisor Ken “Ken” Reid (R-Leesburg) sometimes tries just a bit too hard to get his name in the paper, as was apparently the case earlier this week when he told the Washington Times that people who oppose religious displays on publicly owned property like the Loudoun Courthouse were “terrorists”. He explained:

“It’s strictly this group of terrorists. They’re fanatics who basically want to stamp out religion in all public life and property.”
“Ken” yesterday was trying to explain that when he used the word “terrorist,” it “was not meant to disparage anyone.” (Silly us for not grasping that subtle nuance in the meaning of the word “terrorist.”) He also blamed the media. After saying on Channel 4 with his usual winsome smirk that he “guess” he apologizes for his remarks, he sent the following e-mail to a citizen who took exception to his views:
> Thank you for your email.
> I already told the community that I regret the word “terrorist.” It was a poor choice of words and was not meant to disparage anyone who does not believe in God. I have no qualms with any person who is an atheist or agnostic; my concern the last three years has strictly been about the tactics used by certain atheist groups in the past. This is what I told the Washington Times, but it was not reported.
> In fact, I also told the newspaper I have no qualms with what Mr. Wingrove’s group plans for the courthouse lawn next month with his “attended display.” The County has approved of this and the Board of Supervisors is not intervening. Again, this was not reported by the media and Channel 4 did not air my complete remarks.
> Feel free to call me any time.
> Thank you and kind regards,
> Ken Reid,
> Supervisor,
> Leesburg District
> Loudoun County Board of Supervisors
> (703) 777-0203
> Ken.Reid@Loudoun.Gov

Lies, Damned Lies, and Lyme Disease

Having voted to spend tens of thousands of dollars pandering to unscientific hysteria over Lyme disease, the all-Republican Board of Supervisors in Loudoun County is now following its usual modus operandi when confronted with the facts about its irresponsible actions:

(a) Blame the media

(b) Lie

Last spring the county conducted a scientifically ridiculous and environmentally disastrous blunderbuss application of pesticides to nine county parks as part of a supposed assault on Lyme-carrying ticks. Continue reading

Something’s rotten at Crosstrail

Never at a loss to do a favor for the commercial developers who ponied up half a million bucks to the Loudoun GOP for last year’s elections, Chairman Scott York (R) pulled a surprise move last week and proposed to the Board’s finance committee that instead of approving the expansion of the courts complex in Leesburg, the county delay a decision for two months so that a last-minute bid from the Peterson Companies can be explored that would instead move the courts to a new location on property Peterson owns along the Greenway, the Crosstrail development.

York said he was “intrigued” by the idea and equally business friendly Supervisor Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn) made some obfuscating noises about what a good idea it would be to have a “thorough review.”

The fact that the county would have to provide the development’s sewer lines, approve three rezonings, hold a referendum on moving the courts out of Leesburg, and that $7 million has already been spent on design work for expanding the courts complex at its current location are all apparently part of the “unanswered questions” that Buona thinks it will require two months to thoroughly understand.

Still blaming others

Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York (R), digging himself in ever deeper over his cover-up of the growing Delgaudio scandal, last week found himself confronted with a lot of very unhappy citizens at the “town meeting” he called in lieu of a Board meeting to actually do something about the matter.

The biggest applause of the night, according to a report in the Washington Post, came when one speaker asked why York kept insisting there was nothing that could be done about Delgaudio’s ethical violations while the matter was “under investigation” (as it has been for the last eight months, most of it in secret) Continue reading

Chairman York’s obstruction of justice

The 8-page complaint given to the county in March by the fired aide to Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), which has finally become available to the citizens whom the government is supposed to serve, offers some revealing details as to why Chairman Scott York (R) was so interested in hushing the whole thing up: in fact he has been complicit for years in Delgaudio’s finagling misuse of public funds and resources, which turned his county-supplied office into a full-time political and personal fundraising machine. Continue reading

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