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Get ready to be ZORCed

Periodically reviewing government procedures, regulations, and zoning ordinances to see if they need to be improved, updated, or clarified is as American as mom and apple pie. (Or, if you’re the Loudoun County Republican Party, as American as sending out dishonest mailers at election time, violating ethics laws, or wrapping your payoffs to major campaign contributors in the language of religious sanctimony. But I digress.)

But if you give the job of carrying out such a review to a single interest group that is most affected by the rules and which stands to gain the most financially by getting rid of the rules they don’t like, no amount of window dressing in the form of high-sounding words about “efficiency” “reform” and “citizens” can reverse the truth about what’s really going on. Continue reading

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Geary Higgins, Disease Fighter

We’re all still expectantly awaiting new Republican county supervisor Geary Higgins’s (R-Catoctin) promised Major Stinkbug Initiative (in which he vows to “attack these disgusting pests head-on”), but meanwhile comes exciting news in Geary’s first newsletter: “in the near future” he will be holding a public meeting to let us know what he is also doing “to combat” Lyme disease as well as “to take measures to improve public awareness of measures that citizens can take to protect themselves.” Continue reading

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Illegal sign perp walk

Would you do business with a serial lawbreaker?

GOP to Barbara Munsey: Shut up, already

As noted here previously, it has been interesting to see how the ever-so-loquacious local Republican party functionary Barbara Munsey plans to reconcile her twin roles as (a) serious new appointed official member of the county Government Reform Commission and (b) loquacious blog-comment-letter writer extraordinaire. Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Richmond . . .

If we get tired holding our breath waiting for the new all-Republican Loudoun board of supervisors to adopt an ethics policy, for our very Republican Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman to bring charges against new Republican supervisors Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) and Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) for violating state ethics laws (yes, already!), or for new Republican supervisor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) to unveil his much-anticipated Major Stinkbug Initiative, there is always Loudoun’s GOP delegation in Richmond to keep us diverted.

Sen. Dick Black. (A longstanding puzzle: Why do politicians obsessed with sexual morality always look like child molesters??)

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