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Remedial math class for our supervisors

It’s been interesting to see how little political hay our all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors has so far been able to make out of its stunt of declaring in advance that they intend to whack the school budget in order to fund a tax cut.

The School Board has been growing increasingly outspoken and irritated by the Supervisors’ attempts to impose their arbitrary fiscal policy. Continue reading


More political dirty tricks from that dynamic duo, Donny and Eugene

Let’s see, where have we heard this before . . . former Eugene Delgaudio acolyte Donny Ferguson denies any possible coordination between (a) a dirty-trick political hit piece from an “independent” “educational” group and (b) the campaign of the opposing candidate who benefits from said dirty trick?

Well, first it was in Montana. Then it was in Colorado. Then in our very own Loudoun County.

Now it’s in Texas, where former Delgaudio aide Donny (he sure gets around!) is working as spokesman for the primary campaign of tea party wacko Steve Stockman, who is seeking to unseat incumbent Republican U.S. senator John Cornyn.

This time the roles are slightly reversed, though: it’s Eugene supplying the dirty tricks and Donny saying he knows absolutely nothing about it — Continue reading

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The Delgaudio loophole

As we all know from faithfully reading the passionate defenses of Supervisor Eugene “The Best” Delgaudio (R-Sterling) offered by his faithful followers in the Loudoun County Republican Committee, Eugene did absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong when he (a) ordered his county-paid staff to spend most of their time soliciting political campaign contributions; (b) had his county-paid staff report to his outside wacko right wing homophobic million-dollar-a-year “educational” foundation; and (c) repeatedly lied about it to the public and his fellow supervisors, falsely claiming that he was only soliciting funds for a youth football league.

But just to make sure that no other elected officials ever gets away with doing these absolutely-nothing-wrong things, the Virginia House of Delegates voted 99–0 on February 11 to close what is now fondly known throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia as the “Delgaudio Loophole”: Continue reading

Our scientifically impervious board

The other day the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy presented the all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors with a thoroughly researched, scientifically documented report affirming what every real expert about Lyme disease has said for years: that spraying pesticides does nothing to reduce Lyme transmission rates, and that the pesticide our Board, in its mindless enthusiasm for pretending that they are “attacking” Lyme disease, has chosen to spray in our county parks is extremely toxic to honeybees and aquatic life as well as being a presumed human carcinogen.

So what did our Board do? Three guesses! Continue reading

If this is “progress,” I’d hate to see “failure”

Say what you will about our all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors, you can’t fault them when it comes to loyalty.

Having received a cool 70 gees for their election campaigns from the investors behind the non-existent extremely minor league Loudoun Hounds baseball venture, Our Board has shown it intends to defend the Hounds to the death. Death being the only clear direction the Hounds have been heading in.

Nevertheless, this has never dampened the enthusiasm of the Board, which not only rammed through a very business-friendly package of special zoning changes and master-plan exemptions for the team’s bait and switch stadium, but greets every new disaster from the Hounds “organization” as just an occasion to issue pronouncements about how “excited” they are about baseball “coming to Loudoun.”

The latest twist in the saga is the sudden unexplained return of Hounds CEO Bob Farren to the helm Continue reading