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The scientific basis for tick spraying? Zilcho

As first reported by your faithful blogger nearly two years ago, your all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors, in its zeal to suck up to the crazy loon faction of the local GOP headed by fundamentalist evolution-denier home-schooler Lyme-disease-obsessive “Chancellor” “Dr.” Michael Farris of Purcellville’s Patrick Henry Bible College, rushed out a completely unscientific “action plan” to “combat” Lyme disease being promoted by Farris and his fellow quacks.

As we noted then, the Board’s plan to spray dangerous pesticides in county parks was not only idiotic from an environmental standpoint but completely useless from a public health standpoint in preventing Lyme disease transmission.

So the Board went ahead and for the last two years sprayed dangerous pesticides in a handful of county parks anyway, despite objections from beekeepers, environmentally knowledgeable experts, and even the county’s own public health officer.

Now two years later the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy has produced a thoroughly documented, exhaustively researched report reiterating these same points (though perhaps expressing them a bit more tactfully than Realloudoun is wont to) Continue reading


Delgaudio (and his fellow crooks and clowns)

Last September, perennially ethically challenged GOP Loudoun supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) apologized to the Republican Party for the “embarrassment he had caused” and agreed to accept the unanimous censure of his ethical and financial violations adopted by the all-Republican Board of Supervisors.

Apparently, however, Eugene forgot to explain that the apology was also intended to cover “the embarrassment he will continue to cause.”

Over the last few days, Eugene has continued his non-stop media and fundraising blitz in which he has gone back to denying categorically that he could possibly have done anything wrong (so much for accepting the Board’s punishment, and so much for the special grand jury report which concluded he would have been indicted for misappropriation of public funds were it not for Virginia’s bizarre loophole that exempts “part-time” elected officials such as Eugene from the law).

This weekend, Delgaudio was running a Web ad that declared:


“Public Advocate has been making major headlines lately as the Liberal Establishment goes all out to discredit me.

“They are trying to destroy my livelihood.

“They’d like to pretend that there are issues about me personally, but that’s not the real story.”

Eugene then goes on to explain that the “real story” is that “radical homosexuals” and “liberals” are out to get him. Continue reading


Delgaudio loses it at press conference

After his preliminary court appearance yesterday, perennially ethically challenged Loudoun GOP supervisor (but we repeat ourselves) Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) faced some actual questions from the press in front of the courthouse about his misuse of office for private gain.

Having had nothing but softball interviews to date, where he has been allowed to spew his usual bilge that he is simply being persecuted by evil “liberals” for his “pro-traditional family” and “conservative” values, this apparently came as a shock to Eugene — the notion that he might actually someday have to address the actual and substantial evidence that he stole from the public to line his own pockets.

Eugene’s reaction was to start yelling. Continue reading

Eugene Delgaudio: Just a simple con man at heart

Delgaudio, after being "pummeled by a rock" by a "pro-homosexual assailant"

Delgaudio, after being “pummeled by a rock” by a “pro-homosexual assailant”

One of the more remarkable lapses in the local media coverage of perennially ethically challenged Loudoun supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) is the way the press has bought into Delgaudio’s self-serving myth that he is a “conservative activist” or “pro-traditional family.” Delgaudio and his lawyer have repeatedly made the claim that it is these “controversial” political positions of his that is actually behind the effort of “liberals” to have him thrown out of office for corruption.

But the truth is that Delgaudio has never been a political activist: he has merely used politics as a stage to make money. His “Public Advocate of the United States,” a non-profit supposedly “educational” organization, takes in just over $1  million a year in donations. Yet it operates no actual programs, does not lobby on issues, does not in fact do anything but send out constant tearful fundraising appeals from Delgaudio warning about non-existent pieces of legislation (the “Gay Special Bill of Rights,” the “Homosexual Classrooms Act”) and, in the mode of sleazy TV preachers we all know and love, constantly warning that he “may be forced to shut down and close our doors forever”—unless the recipient sends $25 right away.

So what does he do with that cool million?

In 2011 Public Advocate paid to “Delgaudio & Associates,” an organization with exactly the same address as Public Advocate, $133,187 for “management.” (You can download a copy of Public Advocate’s 2011 IRS statement here). Continue reading

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