A busy month for our hard working public servants

Yes, it’s certainly been a busy and productive first month in office for the new all-Republican Loudoun Board

Coming soon, to a field near you

of Supervisors: amazing how much you can get done when you don’t need to listen to differing opinions, conduct wearisome discussions in public—or even think! . . . just adopt the legislative program e-mailed over from the development lawyers who funded your campaign and who run the Loudoun Republican Committee.

In a scant four weeks, the new board has . . .

• Thrown off of every citizens’ board and commission virtually every Democrat, non-partisan expert, and ordinary citizen (including engineers, water experts, environmental scientists, and volunteers who have worked for years to develop Loudoun’s parks, heritage, and recreational facilities) and replaced them with Republic Party functionaries and developers

• Initiated with no public notice, and no debate or discussion, a series of abstruse, behind-the-scenes legal maneuvers to undo the current zoning plan and riddle it with developer-friendly loopholes; while blandly presented as mere technical changes to “streamline” the approval process, these will gut existing rules, give developers a free hand, and grant automatic approval to everything from cell phone towers to Sheetz gas stations in rural areas while eliminating the right of citizens even to object

• Handed a nice little gift to Toll Brothers, Beazer Homes, and other developer scofflaws who every weekend fill our county with thousands of ugly illegal roadside “Open House” signs, by killing off the highly effective (and cost-free) volunteer sign removal program

Who says government doesn’t work? It certainly works for those who paid for it.

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