Volpe for Supervisor: Value for money

By the way, just possibly could Suzanne Volpe’s confused concerns about the terrible problem of “temporary” illegal signs being removed within “minutes” of their being posted be connected to the fact that the top donors to her $100,000+ campaign for board of supervisors came from the very industry that is the major perpetrator of illegal signs littering our county each weekend?

Volpe received $8,500 from the developer-funded “Citizens” for Virginia’s Future PAC (which dumped a cool 40 gees into the Loudoun supervisor races), $1,500 from the Dulles Area Virginia Realtors, $1,000 from developer Hobie Mitchell, $1,000 from the Nova Building Industry Association, and $1,000 from Virginia Investment Partnership LLC.

That kind of money could addle anyone’s mind.

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