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Volpe for Supervisor: Value for money

By the way, just possibly could Suzanne Volpe’s confused concerns about the terrible problem of “temporary” illegal signs being removed within “minutes” of their being posted be connected to the fact that the top donors to her $100,000+ campaign for board of supervisors came from the very industry that is the major perpetrator of illegal signs littering our county each weekend?

Volpe received $8,500 from the developer-funded “Citizens” for Virginia’s Future PAC (which dumped a cool 40 gees into the Loudoun supervisor races), $1,500 from the Dulles Area Virginia Realtors, $1,000 from developer Hobie Mitchell, $1,000 from the Nova Building Industry Association, and $1,000 from Virginia Investment Partnership LLC.

That kind of money could addle anyone’s mind.

Illegal-sign bogosity, cont.

Caught by surprise that the public might actually dislike illegal advertising signs littering the roadways and countryside of their county, even if they were posted there by major Republican campaign contributors, the new Loudoun Board of Supervisors has been coming up with still more creative explanations for why they killed the illegal-sign cleanup program as one of their first official acts upon taking office last month. Continue reading

Oh *THOSE* budget cuts . . .

You’d never know about it from the ever-so-perky and utterly content-free “news(sic) letters” our newly elected all-Republican Board of Supervisors here in Loudoun County have been busy e-mailing out to their constituents, but the board has ordered up plans for a 5 percent budget cut that targets many of those pesky programs that developers and the local GOP Politburo would like to see go away.

Suzanne Volpe's ca. 1953 newsletter design

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Loudoun GOP’s ideological purity tests (installment 537)

By the way, in case anyone thinks I am guilty of exaggerating the ideologically driven purging and packing of the county’s commissions and boards by the new unanimous crop of very partisan and developer-friendly Loudoun supervisors, go back and read the remarkable account Too Conservative provided a few weeks ago of what happened to poor Ken Reid when (in an unaccountable and no doubt distracted moment of nonpartisanship and principle) he bucked the orders of the GOP Politburo and tried to name an eminently qualified lawyer of the wrong party to the Community Criminal Justice Board.

(I guess this is Pick on Ken Reid Week! And here.)

This just in . . .

Apparently realizing that throwing off of the county Heritage Commission the most prominent representative of local heritage organizations was too much even for this Board of Supervisors to try to get away with, the otherwise very developer friendly supervisors have at last agreed to reappoint Lori Kimball to this commission (as an “at-large” member)—a small break from their otherwise consistent pattern of replacing independent experts on county commissions with developer and Republican Party drones.

A reminder to keep up the public pressure . . .