Ken discovers the terrible truth about politics

Proud new Loudoun supervisor Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) is shocked to discover that politicians “tell only one side of the story,” as he writes this week in a very upset letter to Leesburg Today.

Ken complains that Democratic state senator Mark Herring is trying to “make political hay” by—get ready for this—”criticizing specific GOP delegates, by name” who voted against $300 million in state funding for rail to Dulles. Ken says this is very unfair, since some Republicans voted for the funding (that is, before GOP Gov McDonnell reneged on his previous promise of support and the GOP-controlled legislature obediently axed it).

Ken also mentions his recent discoveries that used car salesmen are not always scrupulously honest, that his cell phone bill contains many questionable fees, and that Hollywood movies do not always completely reflect reality.

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