By the way, along with creationism- and Christian-home-schooling advocate “Dr.” “Chancellor” Michael Farris, one of the major cheerleaders here in our fair county promoting panic and hysterical overreaction over Lyme disease happens to be the very firm selected to douse nine highly scientifically selected county parks with hundreds of gallons of chemical pesticides starting this week.

Blake Landscapes—whose CEO also just happened to donate $319 to the election campaigns of supervisors Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) and Scott York (R-At Large), not a bad investment for a $20,000 spraying contract—prominently quotes “Dr.” Farris on its website declaring that Loudoun County’s “epidemic” of Lyme disease is “the greatest threat of our time.” That would place it, I presume, ahead of HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke—and even the epidemic of stupidity that seems to have gripped our elected officials.

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