Be a county supervisor, and see the world

It’s certainly fun being a Loudoun County supervisor.

This week Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) and Chairman Scott York (R) are demonstrating their highly efficient fiscal responsibility by . . . traveling the world.

It’s all strictly official business of course. Clarke is in Korea “marketing Loudoun” and also, she explains, looking to “uncover what the commonalities and differences between the two regions” are and “how it might be beneficial for the two of us to work together in that fashion.”

York is meanwhile tending to the people’s business in Germany where, Clarke explained, he will be exploring “multifaceted” aspects of Loudoun’s relationship with its “sister city” Main-Taunus-Kreis, which you can find on a map if you’re interested.

Our busy chairman will not get much of a break, however: no sooner does he return from Germany than he will be jetting off again, this time for Taiwan (“to explore the opportunities available to us”).

Glad to know that all the money the supervisors saved by axing the Urban Horticulture Program, the Loudoun Drug Court, funding for arts, literacy, and cultural organizations, not to mention whacking $22 million out of the school budget, is being put to such good use.

After all, how could we ever “uncover” the commonalities (or the differences) between Virginia and Korea without our very own supervisor on the scene to investigate for herself. We’re looking forward to a full report.

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