Who Suzanne Volpe really answers to . . .

"I solemnly pledge to faithfully serve all of my campaign contributors, so help me God"

By the way, apropos of today’s earlier post about Suzanne Volpe, here’s a selection of the leading contributors to her election campaign who just happen to be from the commercial building and real estate industry (thanks to VPAP for this data):

 $8,500   Citizens for Virginia’s Future  (a PAC bankrolled chiefly by “citizens” Jon M Peterson, a Fairfax real estate developer; the Brambleton Group homebuilders; McLean-based Lammot J. Dupont and DC-based Hossein Fateh of the real estate investment trust Dupont Fabros; Great Falls-based real estate developer Norton Scott LLC; Midlothian-based, and extremely litigious, contractor David J. Sowers)

$8,000   William H Dean (of Chantilly-based general contractors M C Dean)

$1,500    Virginia Association of Realtors, Dulles Area

$1,000    Hobie Mitchell (that ubiquitous Loudoun commercial developer and political string-puller par excellence)

$1,000    Nova Building Industry Association of Chantilly

$1,000    Virginia Investment Partnership (one of the groups involved in the Kincora project)

$500   (what a cheapskate) James A. Brabham (also employed by contractor M.C. Dean)

$500   Bahman Batmanghelidj (McLean-based real estate developer)

Makes one wonder why all of these commercial developers from outside of Loudoun were so interested in a little old county supervisor election, doesn’t it . . .  though no doubt it was just an expression of their civic mindedness, and it’s just our suspicious minds that would think they expected anything in return beyond the satisfaction of having done their patriotic duty.

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