Ken looks to the future

Poor publicity-starved Loudoun Supervisor “Ken” Reid (R-Leesburg) can always be counted on to make a beeline for the Washington Post reporter in the room, and today he was right there following the meeting of the state’s Transportation Secretary with the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce to discuss the Metro extension to Dulles and Loudoun.

By the way, it is apparently now the standard M.O. in Loudoun County that if you want to be a part of high-level discussions about transportation, you need to join the Chamber; this is the second time that the all-Republican cast of  supervisors, since taking office in January, has decided that the fair and open way to have an important meeting in which state officials discuss Loudoun transportation issues is to do it at a Chamber meeting, where you either can pay to attend or be a member. This has nothing to do with all of the help that key Chamber people gave Chairman Scott York (R) in the way of organizing fundraisers, making campaign contributions, being his buddy on an official trip to Germany, etc etc etc.

Anyway, Ken explained to the Post this morning why he is (apparently) going to vote against Metro, offering yet another fine specimen of his keen logical mind at work:

Ken Reid, a Loudoun County supervisor from Leesburg, said he isn’t sure how the Loudoun board will vote on whether to support helping to pay for the second phase of the Silver Line.

He said the new rail line doesn’t relieve traffic congestion in the area because it is expected that there will be more people driving in the future.

Actually, this reasoning offers all sorts of cost-cutting possibilities. We assume Ken will also from now on oppose all road projects, since they too will fail to relieve traffic congestion — since there will be more people driving in the future. Likewise, hiring new teachers will not reduce overcrowding of classrooms since there are expected to be more students in the future; and hiring more deputies will not reduce crime as there are expected to be more criminals in the future.

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