Ken issues a clarification

After last week throwing still more disarray into the Loudoun Board of Supervisors’ Metro-to-Loudoun decision by demanding yet another deadline extension along with 21 new last-minute conditions (to be renegotiated with Fairfax County, the Federal government, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the Washington area airports and transit authorities), Loudoun Supervisor Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) — never one to miss an opportunity to be quoted in the Washington Post —  explains to Post reporter Caitlin Gibson that his conditions  . . . aren’t really conditions:

After the release of the memo listing 21 items for opt-in consideration last week, Reid took a step back from the request for more time, clarifying in a statement that the list was “by no means an ultimatum of necessary conditions.”

Although he supports an extension of time to “work out certain particulars,” he said, if they are not resolved before the deadline, he does not think a “hard date” of Dec. 1 “is by any means necessary or desired to accomplish that.”

Glad to have that cleared up.

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