Oh, those pesky “Board Critics”

Scott York (R-Hounds) now reveals that he did turn over to someone or other in the Loudoun County government  the incriminating documents that Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling)’s former aide supplied him back in March but it is a secret who he gave them to. Here is what he told Leesburg Today:

York would not comment this morning as to why he did not turn those documents over to the commonwealth’s attorney, but did say he had shared the documents with two other people in county government. He declined to name those people.

But here is what we now have finally learned (it took a threatened FOIA lawsuit against the Board) that Delgaudio’s former aide Donna Mateer stated in her written formal complaint back in March about her boss’s ordering her to call donors on the  taxpayer’s dime:

“He often told me to ‘bill him or the County…it didn’t matter as long as the calls were made’,” Mateer wrote. Mateer said Delguadio gave her a script to use when calling, and made promises to her about her work on the list of names.

“He told me that each one of these ‘appointments’ could end up in him receiving a lot of money,” Mateer wrote in her complaint, continuing, “He never explained the ‘donation’ part completely to me. He said that if he walked away from one of those appointments with a $500.00 or above, he would give me 5%. He said if I could get a person I was making the appointment for him with to give me five more names for five more appointments, he would give me 10% of whatever he made.

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