See, Loudoun County does not have to have a bunch of crooks as supervisors

With a 75 percent turnout on Tuesday, Loudoun County went decisively for the Democratic candidates for president and U.S. Senate, Obama receiving 51.5% to Romney’s 47%,  Kaine 52.8% to Allen’s 46%.

A year ago, the all-Republican slate of supervisors whose corruption, mismanagement, incompetence, special-interest favoritism, and pro-developer backroom deals we are now enduring, was elected in a contest that brought out  28% of registered voters to the polls.

Moral of the story: We in Loudoun do not actually have to abandon our local government to the corrupt local Loudoun County Republican machine . . . if people actually vote!

Hope we can just possibly remember this three years from now. Or better, change Virginia’s antiquated system of off-year elections — a relic of Virginia’s racist Byrd machine that for decades actively discouraged voting, not only by African Americans, but by members of its own party who (horrors) came out for national elections to support those damned liberals like FDR, Truman, and LBJ, and thus could not be trusted to install the machine-picked candidates at the local level.

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