How to bungle an investigation

The very belated scramble last week by Loudoun prosecutor Jim Plowman (R, Needless to Say) to ask the Circuit Court to appoint a real special prosecutor to investigate Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) for criminal misuse of country staff, resources, and offices for private political fundraising activity is the latest twist in a bizarre series of cover-ups and bungling that has been going on since March.

Though you won’t find it under “Hot Topics,” “News,” “Board Documents,” or any of the other perky links on the county’s website, county attorney Jack Roberts  released a letter further confirming the fact that crucial evidence was withheld from the start.

It is now clear that Chief Cover Upper Chairman Scott York (R)  . . .

• since March has been in possession of supporting documents provided by whistleblower Donna Mateer

• that he failed to turn those documents over to Plowman at any time during the following six months while Plowman conducted his “investigation” (which he claimed “cleared” Delgaudio)

• that he AGAIN failed to turn those documents over to the rest of the Board, Plowman, or county attorney Jack Roberts even after the story of Delgaudio’s illegal actions broke in the Washington Post in September and the Board then hurried into cover-their-posteriors mode by calling for an “independent” administrative investigation to be carried out by an investigator appointed by Roberts

• and that only after one of the investigators appointed by Roberts actually got the documents and supplied them to Roberts within the last couple of weeks, did Roberts ask Plowman to seek a true independent special prosecutor to conduct a real criminal investigation (i.e., one that involves actually investigating or for that matter even reading the documentary evidence at hand)

The Board’s six-month-late administrative “investigation” has meanwhile been suspended.

Surely even a political stonewaller and cover-upper of the first order like York can now see it’s time for Delgaudio to resign?

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