Spot the missing supervisor!

Back in November, when Loudoun Supervisor Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run) announced he planned to bring up a motion to strip as-yet-unindicted fellow supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) of his committee assignments as a sanction for his illegal fundraising activities on county time, Chairman Scott York (R) immediately canceled the next business meeting of the Board to prevent the matter from coming up.

Not a peep has been heard since about the Board’s views about Delgaudio’s ethical malfeasance and misuse of office and county-paid staff.

But lo and behold, when the new committee assignments for the year were revealed last week by York, and promptly unanimously approved without debate (as usual for this board), Degaudio’s name was not to be found among them.

Apparently this was York’s brilliant plan to (a) avoid calling more attention to the ongoing Delgaudio scandal (and York’s own malodorous role in it), by for example actually taking up a motion of sanctions against Delgaudio and having to debate it; while (b) covering themselves to be able to say “see, we did do *something* abut Delgaudio  . . . even if we never mentioned his name during the process.”

It was a distinctly odd way of conducting business. But it shows what a bind the Board has got itself in by covering up the scandal for so long in the first place. Apparently they are now hoping if they just stop talking about Delgudio, everyone will forget about what an embarrassment he is and what an insult to the most basic standards of ethical conduct his presence on the Board represents.

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