Ask Geary for equal time!

Neighbors who oppose the bait-and-switch stadium that a major Republican campaign contributor is seeking approval to build in the world’s worst location for the non-existent Loudoun Hounds baseball bannerteam were not amused by Supervisor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) shilling for the Hounds in his recent newsletter.

Geary told constituents how “great” it will be to have “a local ball club to root for” and offered to send a free Hounds bumper sticker to any resident who contacted his office and asked for one. Geary did not mention that he will soon have to vote on whether to approve a series of special exceptions and zoning amendments the stadium developers need in order to proceed.

The neighbors, who have organized a group to oppose the stadium, shot back on their blog yesterday:

Well Geary it would be really great if you and your fellow Board members represented all of your constituents equally including those of us who think the stadium and all of the traffic and noise problems it will bring to Loudoun County isn’t such a great idea. It would also be nice if you provided every business in Loudoun County equal time and consideration in your official newsletters and correspondence. After all advertising is expensive.

Maybe Geary could offer constituents one of No Stadium on 7’s bumper stickers free, too (sample above)?

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