Janet Clarke’s makeover

The Loudoun County Republican Party’s centralized spin control operation, which produces those very nice and strikingly identical “news[sic]letters” our esteemed county supervisors send out with tedious regularity filled with all sorts of folksy announcements about bake sales, community events, and other items having nothing whatever to do with their official duties while noticeably avoiding mentioning what the all-Republican Board of Supervisors actually is up to (it would just upset us), has apparently decreed that Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) needed an image overhaul.

BEFORE:Corporate Clone Clarke

Corporate Clone Clarke

AFTER:Country Casual Clarke

Country Casual Clarke

In place of Corporate Clone Clarke (her previous look), this month a fresh new Country Chic Clarke, posing against a bucolic backdrop, was unveiled.

Veteran political observers of course know that when a politician suddenly adopts a new costume it’s almost always . . . camouflage. If we didn’t already suspect Clarke was up to some new plans to undermine what’s left of Loudoun’s rural and scenic heritage at the behest of her development industry masters who bankrolled her election, this ought to leave no doubt!

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