Let them eat pizza!


Photo courtesy of nostadiumon7.org: “Photo taken at 4:35 PM Tuesday, Hounds “rally” kickoff was at 4:30 PM. This is what happens when you plan a “rally” and nobody shows.”

Although the well-heeled investors behind the proposed bait-and-switch “baseball” stadium at One Loudoun spent more than $60,000 getting tame Republican supervisors like Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run) elected in 2011, they seemed to think they could buy off the citizens of the county with a few tee-shirts and pizza.

Luckily for democracy, it turns out that the citizens had another idea.

As reported here the other day, the opponents of the stadium turned out in force at a recent Planning Commission hearing and presented a well-argued case against the efforts by the all-Republican Board of Supervisors to railroad this ill-considered stadium plan through the approval process.

The Loudoun Hounds — the non-existent extremely minor league baseball team for whom the stadium is supposedly being built — tried to play catch up by calling for “baseball fans” to turn out and tell the commissioners how much they like baseball. The Hounds announced a “rally” in front of the government center at 4:30 pm, offering free Hounds shirts and pizza slices to all comers.

A  detailed report of the meeting and PR fiasco it proved to be for the stadium backers has now been posted on the nostadiumon7.org website, complete with the hilarious photo above of the mass rally of stadium supporters.

Looks like the people may be harder to buy off than a few Loudoun Republican politicians.

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