Be sure to charge your cell phones, stock up on TP, put on your mittens, and above all don’t attend the Board of Supervisors meeting

After sending out their ever-so-helpful “newsflash” e-mails on Tuesday telling us to be very, very careful in the snow, our Loudoun Board of Supervisors also informed everyone who had signed up to speak at the Board’s public input session yesterday not to come, as public input was being “deferred,” which is a politician’s way of saying “cancelled.”

Then on Wednesday morning the county sent out an official notice that all government offices were closed for the day.

But that didn’t stop our intrepid Board from holding a meeting anyway! Surprise! It’s so much easier of course to do the people’s business without the people sticking their big fat noses in, and our all-Republican Board met Wednesday evening and tidily took care of a series of items, including final approval of the big fat gift to the Purcellville Mafia and its developer cronies that Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) has made it her top priority to deliver — abolishing the joint management plan between the county and the town of Purcellville that allowed the county to have a say in annexations and growth around the town.

Meanwhile, the Planning Commission also met (Tuesday night) and, having decided that it had earlier fulfilled its token obligation of pretending to duly consider the views of residents, tidily voted 6-1 to ignore the views of residents and approve the Loudoun Hounds stadium plan for the One Loudoun development and forward it to the Board of Supervisors for final OK as soon as possible, probably later this month.

Yes indeed, it’s an ill wind that blows nobody good!

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