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Be sure to charge your cell phones, stock up on TP, put on your mittens, and above all don’t attend the Board of Supervisors meeting

After sending out their ever-so-helpful “newsflash” e-mails on Tuesday telling us to be very, very careful in the snow, our Loudoun Board of Supervisors also informed everyone who had signed up to speak at the Board’s public input session yesterday not to come, as public input was being “deferred,” which is a politician’s way of saying “cancelled.”

Then on Wednesday morning the county sent out an official notice that all government offices were closed for the day.

But that didn’t stop our intrepid Board from holding a meeting anyway! Surprise! Continue reading


Loudoun’s GOP fat cats

Too Conservative calls attention to a gushing article in the Wall Street Journal (“The $40 million Party Pad”) profiling the high-flying lifestyle of Loudoun’s very own Bill Dean, owner of MC Dean construction company, major campaign donor to the current all-Republican Board of Supervisors, and part owner and director of the Loudoun Times-Mirror, formerly one of the world’s newspapers.

Among Dean’s contributions to mankind reported in the WSJ story are spending $32 million to “renovate” a home in Miami he bought for himself, and employing “bikini-clad female bartenders” at a Fourth of July party at one of his other homes, in Georgetown.

Loudoun GOP: Full employment for right-wing fundamentalist whackos

The all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors continues to show its gratitude toward the fundamentalist Christian right-wing activists who helped elect them by giving plum jobs to graduates of Patrick Henry “College” — Michael Farris’s not really accredited Christian Bible school in Purcellville for home-schooled Christians (so long as they subscribe to Farris’s own very detailed “Statements of Faith and Biblical Worldview”) — and to other likeminded young activists on the far right. Continue reading