What is wrong with this sentence?

We all of course were no doubt astonished to awake to the news this morning that the all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors, all of whom had received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the investors in the proposed entertainment and sports venue at One Loudoun, last night passed with no dissenting vote the sweeping special exception, rezoning, and newly invented “special activity area” zoning designation sought by the project’s developers, “VIP Sports & Entertainment”.

Our alleged local newspaper Leesburg Today (which has signed on as a corporate “partner” of the as-yet-nonexistent Loudoun Hounds baseball team that the stadium is supposedly being built for—how’s that for editorial independence) announced the joyous news with perfect objectivity in a story whose lead really ought to be nominated for an award for the most errors that can be packed into a simple declarative English sentence:

“The Loudoun Hounds have a new home.”

Makes you feel all warm and cozy. The only problem is:

1. The Loudoun Hounds, which have no players, no managers, and no approved franchise, in fact do not exist.

2. Being non-existent, the Loudoun Hounds never have had a home anywhere, so they can hardly have a “new” home.

3. The “new home” doesn’t exist yet either, except as a highly conceptual artist’s rendition and a lot of hot-air promises on a website.

We’re still waiting for any of the local media to point out that there just might possibly be something wrong with our elected officials giving such VIP treatment to VIP Entertainment after having received $67,000 in campaign contributions from them, while ignoring the protests of nearby residents who will be impacted by the rock concerts, fireworks, traffic, and lights from the new entertainment facility.

It’s hard to know which is worse: the utter lack of ethical integrity on the part of Chairman Scott York’s all-Republican Board, or the utter lack of journalistic integrity on the part of our two jokes of a local newspaper.

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