Buona: I voted against before I voted for it, but I’m still against it

In a further development in Supervisor Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn)’s extremely subtle explanation for why he voted to oppose the tax rate that his own budget produced, then abstained on a re-vote, then voted for it on a second re-vote two weeks later, Serious Businessman Buona wants to make clear that even though he might have seemed thereby to have abandoned his original hypocritical stance against the tax rate, the fact that he finally voted for it does not mean he is for it.

As Leesburg Today “explained”:

During the April 3 meeting, Buona had to change his vote from no to an abstention so that a majority of supervisors present would be in support of the tax rate. At that time, he said he had put “too much blood and sweat” in the budget to see it go down without a tax rate, but said he felt more work could have been done to lower the rate. Despite an affirmative vote Wednesday, he still holds that position.

In other words, our esteemed supervisor wants everyone to understand that in contradicting his original self-contradictory position, he nonetheless remains committed to his original self-contradictory position, rather than his new self-self-contradictory position.

It’s good to know we have a politician with such strong convictions on all sides of the issue.

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