Farming and history is so yesterday

SO Loudoun Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge), who represents one of two rural districts in the county, has a new plan for better representing her district’s interests: under a proposal sprung on the public with the usual couple of days’ notice, the Board of Supervisors will be voting this Wednesday, May 15, on her motions to eliminate the Rural Economic Development Commission and the Historic District Review Committee, among other “reforms.”

Though billed as part of a larger overhaul of committees and commissions in an effort to “streamline” government, Clarke’s proposal would of course faithfully preserve all of the committees that serve the interests of the developer and loony lobbies that the all-Republican Board owes so much to (notably the “Zoning Ordinance Action Group” that keeps up a steady supply of developer-friendly zoning changes and the laughable Lyme Commission that is spending upwards of $100,000 a year on completely duplicative and wasteful efforts to justify its existence).

It’s only the citizens whom Clarke supposedly represents who lose under her proposal. But then, this Board has never left any doubt who their real constituents are: the folks who gave ’em half a million bucks in the last election, and the various fringe extremists like politico-religious zealot and Lyme loony extraordinaire Michael Farris who control the Loudoun County Republican Committee.

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