More grand jury details

The full grand jury report on the investigation of our favorite wacko supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Needless To Say) is now available: download a pdf here: pdf

It’s a doozy.

The grand jury states unequivocally that multiple witnesses confirmed that Delgaudio was simply lying when he claimed that he had his aides contact potential donors only to raise money for a wonderful charity to support boys’ football. In fact, the supposed beneficiary of Eugene’s charitable urges, Lower Loudoun Boys Football League, stated that they had no fundraising projects  underway at that time and that they had no connection with or knowledge of Eugene’s (obviously bogus) claims to be raising money on their behalf.

On the contrary, multiple witnesses testified to the grand jury that they were approached by Delgaudio’s aides for a meeting with the great man himself, that at the meeting Delguadio “provided a pamphlet of his campaign and supervisor activities” and “on the back of the pamphlet there was an envelope and card soliciting money to ‘Retire Delgaudio Campaign Debt.'” And that these potential donors were in fact exactly the ones assembled on the list compiled by Delguadio’s aides (working at taxpayer expense) at his express instruction.

The grand jury also reported that “multiple witnesses” testified that  Delgaudio behaved toward his staff with “acts of verbal abuse on multiple occasions” and that “these actions were in direct violation of the Board of Supervisors Code of Conduct” which forbids “abusive, threatening, or intimidating language or gestures directed at colleagues, citizens, or personnel.” (Also, that Delgaudio “isolated his staff by strictly forbidding their interaction with other Board of Supervisors aides and attendance at regular BoS staff aide meetings.”)

Okay, all-Republican Board of Supervisors: the ball is now in your court. Here is an impartial panel of citizens who have found that one of your Republican colleagues has engaged in behavior that is a “direct violation” of the Board’s own published Code of Conduct.

Are you going to act on this?

Are you going to hold Delgaudio accountable for violating the Code of Conduct?

Or does that not matter to you?

You can’t now keep up the dodge that the matter is under “criminal investigation” and so you can’t even comment on it, much less take any responsibility for looking into it.

How’s about doing now what you could have and should have done a year ago (if Chairman York hadn’t tried to hide the evidence) or a half year ago (if you hadn’t tried to duck your responsibility for enforcing your own code of ethics, if we can use such a word for this crew).

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