PS on the lying Bag Man of God

The grand jury does not name the “retired pastor of a prominent Loudoun County community church” who lied repeatedly under oath when asked about the unreported $5,000 in cash he handed over to Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), but several distinguishing facts in the grand jury’s report point to one Arlie Whitlow, the “founding pastor” of “The Community Church” in Ashburn. This is a local mega-church that has repeatedly confused the local Republican Party with the Word of God: a few years ago the local GOP even decided to hold its closed primary at this Ashburn church.

The grand jury’s report pretty clearly ID’s the lying rev by noting that campaign disclosure forms show that “a member of the pastor’s family” had given Delgaudio a smaller, reported contribution and that “the retired pastor and members of his family had donated money to several [other] members of the Board” (even though the rev just cannot remember ever doing so now, nor does he remember anything about that five grand in small unmarked bills he slipped to Delgaudio). VPAP‘s records show that Josh Whitlow (“assistant pastor” of the church) gave $1,000 to Delgaudio; Arlie Whitlow gave $1,000 to Supervisor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin) and Charlie Whitlow (“lead pastor”) gave Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) $4,000.

Nice that so many of our hard-working (if legally part time) elected GOP officials have such stalwart friends among such devout Christians (even if they can’t be bothered to tell the truth under oath).

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