Small-town crooks

What a bunch of pikers our local Republican elected officials are here in Loudoun County, Virginia. While their state party leader, the Extremely Honorable Bob McDonnell, and his very acquisitive wife Maureen are scooping Rolex watches, $15,000 shopping trips to Bergdorf Goodman, rides on private jets, all-expense paid catered functions and vacations, and an endless supply of booze, food, and sundries for their college-age offspring, the members of our local all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors content themselves merely with a couple of lousy trips to Germany or envelopes stuffed with $5,000 in cash delivered by local men of God.

Speaking of which, I know it’s expecting far too much of our local “news[sic]papers” to do something resembling journalism, given that they wouldn’t know how to report the story if the newsroom caught on fire, but wouldn’t you think that if a story was thrown into your laps in the form of a special grand jury report which reveals that an unnamed local pastor of a prominent church handed an envelope stuffed with $5,000 in cash to a local elected official, and then repeatedly lied under oath about it, you might bother to write it up?

It took the ace journalism staff at Realloudoun five minutes to identify from public campaign financial records the unnamed pastor and his unnamed church, so you don’t even need to strain yourself doing that hard work. (He’s  “founding pastor” Arlie Whitlow of “The Community Church” in Ashburn, which has been very involved in Republican political Good Works.) You could call the very reverend for a comment, or perhaps ask him how he squares perjury with the Ten Commandments.

You could call Scott York up for a comment on what he plans to do about Delgaudio while you’re at it.

Just a suggestion!

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