Our God-given Supervisors

And on this 4th of July, let us remember as Americans that the Founding Fathers 237 years ago never foresaw the day when two-bit local elected politicians would spend taxpayer money and inordinate amounts of their time sending out identical e-mail newsletters plugging  local businesses (who also just happen to have been major campaign contributors — e.g. Loudoun Hounds, One Loudoun), promoting quack medical testing, sanctimoniously taking credit for community activities and charitable good works in which they have no responsibility or involvement whatsoever, and condescendingly informing us that the 4th of July is very important because it is about Freedom and History and the Founding Fathers.

As Supervisor Suznne Volpe (R-Algonkian) tells us today, in words that will no doubt be immortalized alongside those of Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Washington:

“Freedom is not something that was given to us. It is a God-given right.”

Which was not given to us, remember.

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