Delgaudio rap sheet revealed

They did a fine job of burying it on the Board of Supervisors website, but at last Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) and Vice Chairman Shawn Williams (R-Broad Run) have itemized the specific acts by ethically challenged fellow supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) that they plan to bring before the Board for possible disciplinary action tonight.

They appear to include a few items that go beyond the findings of the special grand jury, whose report concluded that Delgaudio engaged in a “direct violation” of the Board’s Code of Conduct by abusing staff, that he engaged in misuse of office for private gain by having his county-paid staff engage in political fundraising and work for his very lucrative outside anti-gay hate group “Public Advocate,” and that he likely received large unreported cash donations, including an envelope containing $5,000 in cash handed over by a prominent local retired pastor, no doubt doing God’s work evading campaign finance laws and then lying about it under oath to the grand jury.

Here are the five charges, laid out in a memo sent by York and Williams to Delgaudio on Monday, and which are further substantiated in detail in a memo from county attorney Jack Roberts to the Board that summarizes the grand jury’s findings:

  1.  Misusing public assets for Public Advocate business. The Special Grand Jury reported that the testimony “supports at least a circumstantial assertion of misuse of public assets” and stated that witness testimony indicates that at times your BoS aides were directed to report to the executive assistant for Public Advocate, who is not and has never been a county employee, and routinely cc’d her on county emails.
  2. Misusing county employee(s) by having them help with political fundraising. In the Special Grand Jury report your legislative aide, Donna Mateer, testified that she was instructed by you to contact people on the Igor list to set up appointments with him. According to testimony, you told her that she would get five percent of any large donations you received as a result of these meetings or calls.
  3. Misusing county employee(s) by having them going door to door to drop self promoting fliers. The Chairman’s aide received a call from a Sterling resident who claimed one of your aides knocked on her door and when she told the aide that he was not allowed to be soliciting, according to the resident, your aide replied by saying, “don’t be surprised if you find your car windows spidered.” A term used to indicate a shattering of the windows. This resident filed a police report, but no charges were brought forth.
  4. Verbally abusing members of the public. It was reported in the LTM’s online story this past week that in an online newsletter that you sent out you are quoted as saying about a member of the public “My former opponent is like Adolph Hitler in WWII or similar to Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War”.
  5. Verbally abusing your staff aide. There were several incidents when Donna Mateer came to several of the staff including to one of Chairman York’s aides that she was being berated by you. Specifically she told several staff aides that you called her “stupid” and told her not to attend the staff aides meetings because she was too “stupid”. Additionally she told at least two of the staff aides that you called her a f***ing b**ch.
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