God’s Miracle

Joe May, the very conservative Republican who represented Loudoun in the state legislature for donkey’s years, was defeated in June in a Republican primary that mobilized the usual 2,000 Republican crazies for whom no candidate is ever conservative enough, unless perhaps he favors the right of the unborn to bear arms.

May’s mistake was to vote in favor of the very conservative Virginia Republican governor’s plan that coupled a very modest tax increase to pay for long-delayed and much-needed roads.

So his successful Republican challenger, Tea Party crazy and developer (of course: this is Loudoun) David LaRock, has figured out how to avoid that dangerous mistake. He has been sending out a blitz of very expensive mailers in the last couple of weeks in which he vows to build much needed roads, but cut taxes.

No sense in obeying the laws of arithmetic if it just means you get defeated by the local Republican zealots for your pains.

Speaking of zealots, LaRock’s mailers devote most of their effort to calling attention to the absolutely remarkable fact that LaRock has successfully reproduced, numerous times, informing us over and over that he has 7 children, and showing us pictures of them all to prove it.

We were not aware that procreation was a qualification for public office, but in any case the only proper response to LaRock’s boast is provided by a durable Yiddish tagline:

“God’s miracle: a putz can make children.”

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