Some of our best friends are knuckle-dragging anti-semites

Our Loudoun County Republicans may not win any prizes when it comes to ethics in government, but then they sure know how to tell a completely humorless anti-semitic joke, don’t they?

(In case you missed the story, just Google “Virginia GOP anti-semitic joke” — we’re that famous!)

What most stories about local GOP chair John Whitbeck failed to mention was (a) that the crowd of local Loudoun Republican stalwarts waiting to hear GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli at a rally at Sterling on Tuesday thought Whitbeck’s warm-up joke about the Jews presenting the Pope with “a bill for the Last Supper” was hi-larious: you can watch the video where they break out in uproarious laughter and applause; (b) that Whitbeck is the worst joke teller in the universe.

Once again, the Loudoun GOP has catapulted our fair county into the national news, adding to other stories that have made Loudoun the butt of ridicule far and wide; e.g.:

• Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) referring to transgendered persons as “it”

• Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio claiming that TSA airport screeners are secret homos getting a thrill by patting down passengers

• Then-state delegate Dick Black handing out plastic fetuses to fellow lawmakers and asserting that spousal rape cannot be a crime if a woman is wearing “a nightie” in bed

• Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio

Whitbeck has so far refused to apologize for his offensive and unfunny joke, asserting that (a) he heard it from a priest — and in church no less! — so therefore it could not possibly be anti-semitic (and as we all know, the Catholic Church has no history whatsoever of anti-semitism); (b) it’s only liberals, Democrats, and George Soros who are behind the complaints about his joke; (c) Democrats are just desperately trying to distract attention from Cuccinelli’s endorsement by a Virginia technology council this week.

Cuccinelli tried unconvincingly to say he really didn’t know the guy, even though Whitbeck nominated him for governor and was behind the push to have a convention instead of a primary to insure, as in Loudoun County, that only the GOP crazies get to pick their candidates.

. . . And speaking of the Loudoun Republican Party’s commitment to ethics in government, Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) declared this week that she finds it “abhorrent” that there should be a law that applies only to Loudoun County requiring supervisors to recuse themselves from land use votes benefitting parties who have made political contributions to them in the previous 12 months. She explained that she was considering hiring an attorney to fight this terrible law, as a violation of her “equal protection” rights, since it does not apply to the other 31 local jurisdictions in Virginia.

Of course, most normal people would find “abhorrent” the behavior that prompted this law: namely, the massive pro-developer giveaways and corruption that characterized the last GOP-controlled Loudoun Board, which resulted in an FBI investigation of the gifts, resort vacation trips, and other favors lavished on Republican Board members by developers seeking favors. But then most people consider public office a responsibility, not a privilege.


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