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Too politically connected to fail

Still marveling over the new policy enunciated the other week by our developer-controlled all-Republican (but I repeat myself) Loudoun Board of Supervisors: to wit, that it is now the taxpayers’ job to save land speculators and developers from the financial consequences of their own stupid business decisions.

In addition to approving 100 new homes on what had been a commercially zoned property in the “University Center” area in Ashburn, the Board also gave megadeveloper Toll Brothers a similar fat gift by flipping one of their commercially zoned properties to high-density residential in the “Avonlea Reserve,” adding another 100 new homes.

The cost to the taxpayers of these moves? According to the standard formula used by the public schools to calculate how much the steady-state student population increases with each new home built in the county, it will mean $760,000 a year — that’s forever into the future — in increased school costs, plus $5.6 million in new school construction costs.

The rationale the Board gave for their generosity  Continue reading


Here we go again . . .

Against some formidable competition, Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) last week took a commanding — and perhaps indomitable — lead in the race for the coveted Dumbest Supervisor award among the all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors.

The occasion was the Board’s recent snappy 5-3 vote (with Supervisor Janet “Profiles in Courage” Clarke, R-Blue Ridge, abstaining) to approve one of more than a half dozen pending rezoning applications from developers seeking to convert commercial property to residential, which will add some 10,000 new homes to the county — despite a backlog of 25,000 approved residential lots. Continue reading

Delgaudio: “I’ll be more careful” ( for two days)

As perenially ethically challenged Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) explained in his one- year late non-apology apology last week, all of his financial and ethical misconduct was just a result of his not being “careful” enough. Yes, who among us, in a moment of inattention, has not  misappropriated tens of thousands of dollars in public assets, abused employees, turned an elected office into a full-time fundraising operation, and lied repeatedly about it to fellow officials, the media, and the public?

In taking charge of Delgaudio’s office budget, the full, all-Republican Board of Supervisors  was supposedly chastening Delgaudio for precisely these abuses, in which he used funds intended for constituent service and legitimate government expenses instead for personal political operations. One thing the Board did not mention among Delgaudio’s many misuses of funds was the tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money he routinely handed over to his former aide Donny Ferguson — ostensibly for “graphic design” services for his “news(sic)letters” and other mailings, but at rates that  should have raised the eyebrows of any sentient human being — $750 to design a postcard, thousands of dollars for each “news(sic)letter.”

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God’s Miracle

Joe May, the very conservative Republican who represented Loudoun in the state legislature for donkey’s years, was defeated in June in a Republican primary that mobilized the usual 2,000 Republican crazies for whom no candidate is ever conservative enough, unless perhaps he favors the right of the unborn to bear arms.

May’s mistake was to vote in favor of the very conservative Virginia Republican governor’s plan that coupled a very modest tax increase to pay for long-delayed and much-needed roads.

So his successful Republican challenger, Tea Party crazy and developer (of course: this is Loudoun) David LaRock, has figured out how to avoid that dangerous mistake. He has been sending out a blitz of very expensive mailers in the last couple of weeks in which he vows to build much needed roads, but cut taxes.

No sense in obeying the laws of arithmetic if it just means you get defeated by the local Republican zealots for your pains. Continue reading

Delgaudio apologizes (to Republicans)

Well, it only took a year and a half, but after blaming “liberals,” the media, the liberal media, the “lying liberal media,” fellow Republican Loudoun supervisors, people who “hate Sterling,” people who don’t like his newsletters, people who are against family values, people who are against the Boy Scouts, people who “refuse to defend the flag,” people who criticize him because he doesn’t always spell words correctly, and the sunspot cycle for the scandal involving his stealing public assets for political and private purposes, Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) chose the Friday before Labor Day weekend to issue a non-apology apology in which he said he was sorry for the “embarrassment” he had caused the Republican Party and took full, manly responsibility by saying he had not been “careful” enough. Continue reading