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If there was any doubt that the fix was in on the appointment of a raving right-wing loony to the Loudoun County Public Library Board of Trustees by the all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors — i.e., any doubt that Chairman Scott York (R) and raving right-wing loony Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) knew exactly what they were doing in securing his appointment — the deliberate effort to conceal their appointee’s “credentials” and the absence of any questions being raised about the laughable “resume” he supplied is pretty suggestive.

The county’s standard instructions to citizens seeking appointments to boards is to write a letter expressing interest and supply a full resume.

Now, if you or I sent in a four paragraph letter and no actual resume, offering no qualifications or experience whatsoever for serving on a board such as the Library trustees, how far do you think our application would get? Would Chairman York insert it into the no-vote “consent agenda” for snappy no-debate/no-discussion approval? Would he or anyone else on the all-Republican Board of Supervisors perhaps ask one or two question about the nomination — like, “where’s the resume” for starters?

Here’s how York and Delgaudio’s selected candidate, Andrew Beacham, described himself on his campaign website when he was running for Congress in Kentucky in 2012:

“A full-time Pro-Life missionary and activist for Christian policies in government, traveling to over 20 states to protest, lobby, and get pro-life candidates on the ballot.”

Below, in its entirety, is the “resume” or whatever you might call it he supplied the Loudoun Board of Supervisors in December 2013 in support of his appointment to the Library Board:


Fascinating how he transformed himself from a “full time missionary” to “fine artist.” But never mind: what better qualifications are there to serve on the Library Board than to have donated your works of art to some unnamed recipient so they could be displayed at some unnamed location in Ohio?

Just of curiosity, why is it that all of these guys who go around claiming that they are bringing “Christian” values to politics such complete, unregenerate liars?

But back to York: is he going to apologize for this and take responsibility for once? Or, as usual, is he going to sweep it under the rug, claim he was just following standard procedures, and blame somebody else? (In the words of Curly, “I was a victim of soicumstances!”)

One reason York just might apologize is that it has taken a decade and a half for the Loudoun library system to recover from the last foray of self-promoting right-wing loonies to use the Library Board as a stepping stone to higher office and a training ground for ideological extremism: it was an appointment to the Library Board that was the memorable start in politics for right-wing loony Dick Black, who alone discovered that the internet has dirty pictures on it and pushed through a censorship policy on public access terminals in the library, which cost the county $100,000 in legal fees in unsuccessfully defending that unconstitutional policy, and made Loudoun the laughingstock of the country.

Amazing how history keeps repeating itself in Loudoun whenever the Republicans are back at the helm . . .

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