Dick Black bows out, declares himself conservative martyr

Creepy sex-obsessed conservative weirdo state senator Dick Black (R), right, with close personal friend Scott York (R)

Creepy sex-obsessed conservative weirdo state senator Dick Black (R), right, with close personal friend Scott York (R)

Only Dick Black could cast his abrupt decision to chicken out of running for Congress as a noble, high-minded sacrifice made for the greater good of mankind  . . . and, of course, which is much the same thing in his crowd, “to protect the Commonwealth from the Democrat’s left wing agenda, and to prevent the expansion of Medicaid from going forward.”

So Black “explained” in an incomprehensible statement released just two days after announcing the official launch of his campaign to fill retiring congressman Frank Wolf’s seat.

Black, the darling of unregenerate homophobes and misogynist religious fanatics across Northern Virginia, drew an avalanche of national attention last week for his creative and obsessive views (long known to us here in No. Va.) on gays, contraception, sex, rape, pornography, and abortion. It was obvious that this was just a taste of the kind of attention a Dick Black for Congress campaign would continue to bring the Virginia GOP for the next nine months.

But Black explained that it was really only the defeat of John “The Knuckle-Dragging anti-Semite” Whitbeck in the special election to fill Mark Herring’s state senate seat that made him realize his true calling was to stay in the state senate, and fight Obamacare, and not the little fact that state GOP leaders are at long last beginning to realize that nominating candidates from the loony right is not the best way to win elections and pressured Black to bow out, as the Washington Post reported.

There was also the little fact that the party decided to select their candidate not in the usual closed door members-only exclusive gatherings that have given the far loony right a lock on the process, but rather in a much more open firehouse primary on April 26.

Well, as the old saying in politics go, if you can’t beat ’em, claim you are motivated by a higher calling.

In his statement, Black praised Whitbeck to the skies and lamented his loss (“I had hoped that John Whitbeck would win the 33rd Senate race. He was a terrific candidate—smart, decent, honest, likable and hard-working. He is the kind of man our children could look up to. I am proud of our friendship and look forward to working with John in years to come,” Black said), apparently defining “decent” and “honest” and the “kind of man our children could look up to” as (a) someone who can tell a vile anti-Semitic joke at a campaign rally and (b) then blame the “liberal” media for “manufactured outrage” over the incident.

But in any case, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope that sanity is creeping back in to the state GOP establishment and that they have begun to see what a political dead-end it is to keep re-fighting issues such as gay marriage when the rest of the country is moving beyond these old hot button issues of interest only to a dwindling number of the most extreme religious right.

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