How to tell a hate group

Perennially ethically challenged Loudoun Republican Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), hoping to change the subject from his corrupt misuse of office to his totally unjust victimization by a conspiracy of evil liberals, announced through his attorney Charlie King yesterday that he was seeking to subpoena all records of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that relate to the SPLC’s designation of Delgaudio’s million-bucks-a-year “Public Advocate of the United States” organization as a hate group.

This is probably a simple abuse of the legal process, which is defined as legal filings with no other purpose than to generate publicity, cause inconvenience to the other party, or gain economic advantage or other ulterior purposes — since the SPLC has nothing whatever to do with the legal case against Delgaudio soon to be tried in Loudoun Circuit Court: namely whether he should be stripped of his position as Sterling supervisor under the provision in Virginia law that allows for the speedy removal of corrupt officials upon the finding by a court of misuse of office, neglect of duty, or incompetence.

A preliminary hearing is to be held this morning by the new special judge appointed to hear the matter.

But as long as Delgaudio is raising the issue of the SPLC’s designation, it’s an opportunity to address Delgaudio’s perennial phony assertion that the attacks upon him are a result merely of his “conservative” stand in “support of traditional marriage.”

Our Lame Local Media has passively bought into this line repeatedly as well, referring to Delgaudio and Public Advocate as “conservative” or “conservative social activist” or some such lazy formulation, without even bothering to do the simplest reporting that would lay bare to the meanest intelligence what a truly hate-filled spewer of the vilest forms of bigotry he is.

Leesburg Today for example yesterday “explained” that SPLC had designated Public Advocate as a hate group “because of its opposition to gay rights.”

Not exactly . . .

For the record, here is a sampling of the kind of things Delgaudio routinely puts out in his fundraising letters which merited him SPLC’s designation.

Delgaudio  repeatedly portrays gays as child molesters, rapists, disease carriers; terms them “perverse,” “fruity,” “freaky,”  “objectionable,” “deviant,” and “not normal”; and has equated gay marriage to bestiality.

The following are all direct quotes from fundraising appeals sent out by Public Advocate and signed by Eugene himself:

• “Imagine a world where the police allow homosexual adults to rape young boys in the streets.”

• “As homosexuals die off due to AIDS, the remaining AIDS carriers prey on children to replenish the ‘Homosexual Community.'”

• “Radical homosexuals will terrorize day care centers, hospitals, churches and private schools . . . You’ll see men hand-in-hand skipping down to adoption centers to ‘pick out’ a little boy for themselves.”

• “Homosexual ‘marriage’ and adoptions: Wedding gown-clad men smooching before some left-wing clergyman or state official is just the beginning.”

• Permitting gay scoutmasters is “the same as being an accessory to the rape of hundreds of boys”

• Federal anti-discrimination laws “will create a privileged employment status for homosexuals, transsexuals and pedophiles. Among the provisions, businesses will be required to maintain quotas of these objectionable employees — even Christian businesses. . . . These special laws will force schools, churches, day care centers, and nursing homes to employ confessed and admitted homosexuals including infected AIDS carriers and make it illegal to ever fire them.”

Delgaudio a few years ago also made regular appearances with extreme racist and anti-immigrant groups, taking the stage at a press conference in 2009 held by a far-right extremist affiliated with a group that  termed black people “a retrograde species of humanity”; Delgaudio praised him as “brilliant, brilliant, brilliant,” and in his own chance at the microphone blamed Hispanic immigrants in Sterling for its social ills — expanding on his earlier assertion in a radio interview that Sterling ” . . . is a cesspool. People are coming from outside of this culture and they are dumping their crap on the streets of our town.”

So just for the record, the issue as far as Public Advocate is concerned is not that it is “conservative.” The issue is not that it is  “pro-family.” The issue is not that it “supports traditional marriage.” The issue is not that the “liberal media” is trying “to destroy [Delgaudio’s] livelihood.”

The issue is that Eugene, as part and parcel of his extremely lucrative pseudo-political fundraising operation that brings him in a personal income of $130,000+ a year, engages in vile, hate-filled attacks that routinely portray all gays as deviant, perverted, spreading disease, raping little boys, and devoid of morality.

This is the stuff that pogroms are made of.

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