Delgaudio: My only fault is that I’m too holy

Perennially ethically challenged Loudoun Republican Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) has come up with yet another explanation for why he is facing a legal proceeding to remove him from office for having corruptly enriched himself at public expense.

After telling us previously that it’s really “all about Obamacare”; that it is because he “supports traditional marriage”; that “the radical homosexuals” are out to “destroy his livelihood”; that “the Liberal Establishment” is trying to “discredit” him; that he is being victimized by “people who refuse to defend the flag”; and that his critics actually just “hate Sterling” . . . Eugene now says it’s really because he is too holy.

“I’m officially on the fringe because I fight for God’s law,” Delgaudio told something called the “Christian” News Service.
He elaborated: “It’s been established that it’s okay to persecute a public official simply because he believes in traditional values.”
The “Christian” News Service story, perhaps needless to say, extensively quotes Delgaudio and his boyish attorney Charlie King making factually incorrect statements about the case, including misrepresenting Virginia law by suggesting that removal under the proceedings Delgaudio is facing requires a showing of criminal wrongdoing and asserting that last year’s special grand jury exonerated him. In fact, the criteria for removal are “misuse of office,” “incompetence,” or “neglect of duty,” none of which need rise to the level of criminal misconduct, and the grand jury found repeated unethical and corrupt conduct by Delgaudio that would have been a felony but for the bizarre loophole in the law against misuse of public resources that exempts “part-time” officials such as county supervisors.
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