Playing to their crowd

In her latest newsletter to constituents, Supervisor Janet Clarke (R-Blue Ridge) acknowledges her egregious conflicts of interest in voting for initiatives that financially benefit campaign contributors, admits that the reason she killed the Purcellville park and ride commuter lot in the county’s capital plan was so that the county would instead lease space from the extraordinarily Republican-friendly Biblical literalists who run Patrick Henry “College,” and announces that she will immediately sign the ethics policy adopted by the previous board and urge her fellow eight Republican members to do so as well.

Just kidding! Actually, her latest newsletter is devoted to an exciting announcement about the Junior Woman’s Club collecting prom dresses. But close . . .

Meanwhile, Supervisor Geary “The Stinkbug Slayer” Higgins (R-Catoctin) includes in his recent information-packed newsletter a job posting for the “CEO” of an outfit called Lifeline, Inc., which is one of those fake pregnancy counseling centers run by right-wing Christian groups; its “services” to pregnant women consists of walking them past a room full of free baby clothes and then giving them a free fetal ultrasound, not for any medical reasons since there are no actual doctors or other real medical personnel on the staff, but rather in the belief (on display prominently in the recent compulsory-ultrasound bill in Richmond that made the Virginia legislature the butt of ridicule nationwide) that showing a woman an ultrasound of her fetus will cause her not to have an abortion. Lifeline also, in keeping with the dogma of the right-wing “Christian” ayatollahs that have been receiving a lot of attention of late, refuses to have anything to do with contraception, apparently on the theory that that only encourages sex.

It’s nice of course to know that our local county supervisors are so in touch with the great national issues affecting our land, particularly those near and dear to that politically active slice of the religious right that equates the platform of the Republican Party with the Word of God and which helped turn out the vote last November in Loudoun.

Now maybe they could get back to their actual job, which last time I checked was not a) being a shill for quack medical theories, b) promoting the ideological agenda of the state Republican party and the grandstanding politically ambitious state attorney general, c) mouthing unctuous and insincere religious pieties, or d) trying to noisily claim credit for the longstanding work of genuine volunteer organizations even as they kill their budgets—but rather actually solving local problems?

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