Our far flung supervisors

Yes, the payoffs to Loudoun County from the extremely efficient business friendly trip by Chairman Scott York (R-At Large) and friends to our German “sister county” (partnerdistrict) Main-Taunus-Kries just keep pouring in.

First there was the major development of a press release published in no fewer than two local German newspapers declaring “new friendship on the baseball field” between the two districts. And not only friendship, but the promise of “exploring” further cooperation in this rich area.

This cooperation is to take some unspecified form between the Main-Taunus amateur baseball team der Redwings and the extremely minor league, if as yet nonexistent, Loudoun Hounds. The nonexistence of the Hounds is however no reflection on the very real existence of the Hounds’ owner Bob Farren or of the very real $19,219 that he so generously provided York and his fellow all-Republican supervisors to help them get elected last fall, which may have explained his presence on the German junket.

Now we can barely contain our excitement at the news of yet another major accomplishment of York’s far-flung travels: a “live video simulcast” set up last week that allowed Loudoun-based artists and their counterparts in M-T-K to do something or other to mark the opening of an art show, featuring exciting speeches by Loudoun County officials, the high point of which was apparently the chance for Loudoun artists sitting at the certified tick-free Franklin Park Arts Center in Purcellville to hear Loudoun County participating artist and sometime politico Priscilla Godfrey speak to them from the other end of the hookup in Germany, where she had flown just for the occasion.

Of course, maybe she could have stayed home and spoken to Loudoun artists without all this trouble. But never mind. It was very important.

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