Strictly secular promotion of religion

To insure that the new committee-designed holiday display for the courthouse lawn strictly adheres to the constitutional requirement that government may not favor one religion over another, the Courthouse Grounds Facility Committee has wisely enlisted the help of Ayatollah Farris’s local Christian bible college, according to Leesburg Today:

A rendering of the display is being created, committee Chairman Clint Good told supervisors during Monday’s finance committee meeting. Students at Patrick Henry College are working on the drawing.

Patrick Henry “College,” the barely accredited institution in Purcellville for home-schooled Christians of a very particular stripe, is definitely a terrific choice for assigning this public task to. This high-minded, nonpartisan, public-spirited institution after all supplies legions of fresh-faced (and free) “interns” to work solely for Republican candidates for public office and requires all students, staff, and faculty to subscribe to a lengthy doctrinal statement of faith and “biblical worldview” personally drawn up by “Chancellor” Farris himself and which, among other things, rejects evolution and declares that not only is Christianity (or, rather, Michael Farris’s very particular brand of Christianity) the only ticket to heaven and the only way to escape from “conscious torment for eternity in Hell” (sorry, Ken — that means you!), but that only Christians have the authority to carry out God’s plans for “transforming” America’s civil government.

“The committee has settled on a single display that includes both secular and religious items,” the paper reports. The “religious” items are the extremely tasteful colorful plastic figures of the Holy Family in their highly traditional creche, plus a token menorah. The “secular” items include reindeer, Santa, a Christmas tree and wreaths. (Now, you can’t more secular than that, can you.)

Maybe we should have turned the job over to Ken Reid after all!

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