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What would our local Republican officials here in Loudoun County do without the resources of Purcellville’s Patrick Henry Bible College for Homeschooled Christians Who Subscribe to a Very Particular Statement of Biblical Literalism and Right-Wing Political Principles?

Supervisor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin), apparently at a loss to find a qualified appointee from his own Catoctin District to name to the Library Board, luckily knew where to turn for help: his new appointee (who lives in Purcellville, not part of his district) is one Jackquelyn Veith . . . who just happens to be a senior administrator at Patrick Henry, though Geary did not bother mentioning that fact in his newsletter last week announcing the appointment.

The “College,” which requires all students, faculty, and staff to subscribe to a statement of faith and biblical principles drawn up by “Chancellor” “Dr.” the Rev. Unsuccessful GOP Lieutenant Governor Candidate Michael Farris himself — among other things, it rejects evolution, avers that only true Christians have God’s mandate to “transform” American government, and proposes that when government “commands disobedience to God” (through such actions as “government control of private property,” which God himself opposes, according to the “Chancellor”) Christians may overthrow the government with armed force — continues to exercise a remarkably outsized influence in local GOP politics.

Despite its tax-exempt status, Patrick Henry mobilizes nearly the entire student body to work for free for Republican candidates each election; Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) employs two nice Patrick Henry graduates as her aides (“my boys” she fondly calls them);  the “College” keeps getting nice sweetheart deals from Purcellville officials to help its expansion plans; and “Dr.” Farris himself has been able to get the ever-so-grateful all-GOP Loudoun Board of Supervisors to endorse his crackpot ideas about Lyme Disease.

Ms. Veith’s spouse, by the way, also works at Patrick Henry, as provost and a professor of literature, though Professor Veith has an interesting view about literature: he is the author of a book which asserts that “we need nothing else” than the Bible and which “examines not only the sufficiency of God’s Word, but also the flawed thinking of those who try to add to or detract from it,” according to the publisher’s description.

That would certainly help the library’s budget problems: Just buy ONE book!

The Loudoun Library Board is of course famous for launching the political career of another far-right local Republican who likes to sling pieties around, Dick Black. Now a state senator, Black remains to this day the only known person to call up an internet porno site on a computer in a county library (he did this to demonstrate dramatically how vital it was for the library to install filters to censor patrons’ internet browsing and save them from such corrupting influences). The censorship policy that Black got the Board to adopt was challenged as an obvious First Amendment violation in a case the county unsurprisingly lost — and then had to fork over $100,000 in legal fees to those who brought the challenge.

Could it just possibly be that the Founding Fathers were onto something when they thought that injecting religion into government was a bad idea, given how men always have and always will have very different and unreconcilable beliefs in their own consciences?

Just a thought.


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