Our Heritage: all the way back to 1990!

Our all-Republican Board of Supervisors in Loudoun has since January thrown off of citizen advisory boards most representatives of heritage and environmental groups, attempted to appoint to the commission charged with protecting and overseeing historic districts a right-wing activist dedicated to abolishing all historic districts, handed land developers the “right” to build big box stores without special approval, eliminated the volunteer program to pick up illegal real-estate signs littering the roadsides, and moved to terminate all funding for the Loudoun Museum (even while handing the Washington Redskins football team $2 million in exchange for their solemn vow to keep a toehold in Loudoun for a few more years and send a football player once a year to speak at the Chamber of Commerce, which last time we checked was a private organization, though one responsible for a lot of money contributed to the campaigns of the current Board members. But that’s another story).

Still, when it comes to a real threat to Loudoun’s history, the Board is showing that it will fearlessly take on even so mighty a force as the legendary Donald Trump.

As Fearless Supervisor and History Buff Suzanne Volpe (R-Algonkian) explains in an emergency flash alert action report news flash bulletin newsletter e-mail the other day, she has taken a courageous stance against the efforts by Trump to change the name of a street in a subdivision in her district. The Trumpster wants to change the name of Lowes Island Boulevard to (you’ll never guess this) Trump Boulevard, in honor of not only himself but of the golf course he is building there, also amazingly named after himself.

But, as Volpe explains:

Lowes Island is much more than a road designation. Rather, it is a name that has defined a community for over two decades.

Volpe goes on to fearlessly note that she will “fight with everything in me” to stop this erosion of Loudoun’s priceless history. Such passion. Of course, since the law apparently does not allow any such name change, she may not exactly have to expend everything within her to accomplish this objective.

Still, it’s nice to know that when it comes to reaching back into Loudoun’s history to find things worth saving, Volpe and her fellow Republicans have taken a first step. Only 280 years to go! You never know what you might find happened in Loudoun before 1990 . . .

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