The Very Christian Barbecue

We’re all very excited about the barbecue that our very own very Christian very Republican state senator Dick Black is hosting, featuring “some special guests!” according to the flyer announcing this fun family event (“Make checks payable to ‘Black for Senate'”).

Dick Black, for those who just arrived on this planet (such as just possibly the people who elected him and who were thus were unaware of his past), is famous for such antics as (a) sending plastic fetuses to his fellow legislators in Richmond as part of his crusade against abortion (b) being the only person still in the history of the Loudoun County Public Libraries to call up an internet porno site (“showing some of the most extreme sexual violence imaginable”) on a public computer in the library, part of his very religious crusade to demonstrate why we need internet filtering to protect our vulnerable children from . . . people like him, apparently (c) siding with the Sons of Confederate Veterans to oppose a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Richmond (d) explaining that fellow legislators who disagree with him “are aligned with various elements of vice” (e) sending out a campaign mailer stating that his opponent is “a staunch homosexual advocate who endorsed boys kissing each other in public school plays” . . .

Anyway, the “special guests!” featured on Dick’s BBQ flyer include almost every local GOP official, eager to sidle up to such an saintly figure in the local GOP power structure. They will include almost all of our all-Republican Board of Supervisors. The only two not on the list, for some reason, are Chairman Scott York and Supervisor Ken Reid. Just a coincidence that they happen to be the only Mormon (York) and only Jew (Reid) on the board? Probably.

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