Maybe we’ve really got him this time

The Washington Post, abandoning its policy of abandoning all coverage of corruption in local politics, has a blockbuster investigative story today about your and my favorite Loudoun supervisor, Eugene Delgaudio — revealing that The Orange Capped Homophobe Extraordinaire had county-paid staff aides spend more than half their time making fundraising phone calls to potential big donors for him, and even promising them “cash bonuses” for landing big campaign contributors.

How’s that for making government more businesslike!

Never mind the “racist and homophobic rants” the aides were regularly subjected to . . . that’s small potatoes.

Read all about it here. Best bit is Delgaudio’s excuse — that he was merely asking for contributions to the Loudoun Boys Football League. He acknowledged that he had handed these potential big donors brochures about his campaign, but it was all completely innocent: “I don’t have other documents that describe myself, sadly,” he explained.





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