Wish they’d just keep retreating . . .

To show how extremely businesslike they are, our all-Republican Loudoun Board of Supervisors went on a all-day “retreat” this week to discuss their  “legacy” and “vision,” an exercise facilitated by a professional

“Reality,” Loudoun County Board of Supervisors style

facilitator who was hired at taxpayer expense to facilitate their important effort to find the right words for all of us to use to remember their inspiring accomplishments by (actual example: “Achieved breakthrough on economic development”).

There was lots of bullet points involving words like “thoughtful” and “strategic” and “synergy” and “focus” and “systemic” . . . just like the way real business executives who have absolutely nothing to say talk!

The professional facilitator listed as one of the “Highest Hopes for Strategic Planning Retreat” that the supervisors would “Get to know each others’ hopes/dreams.” There was also an inspiring diagram showing how to transform hopes/dreams into a reality/thingiemabob (see above), full of inspiring parallelograms and other shapes provided by that little menu on Microsoft Word.

Kumbaya! Send us the bill: we know you will.

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