You can’t buy publicity like this

A few other issues that our extremely sensitive and misunderstood chairman of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, Scott York (R-Kincora), might want to add to his list of things he addresses from the dais late at night:

• Why he arranged for an $80 million taxpayer-subsidized loan for a major campaign contributor, allowing the Kincora development backers to get out of paying themselves for the roads they promised to build as a condition for zoning approval of their development in the first place

• Why he invited this same major campaign contributor to accompany him on a taxpayer-paid junket to Germany this spring, and concealed the fact in official county statements about the trip?

• Why he slipped into the Board’s legislative agenda for this year a plan for the state legislature to pass a law allowing Loudoun to impose a new sales tax to finance the construction of a minor league baseball stadium at the Kincora development — so minor that the team won’t even be affiliated with Major League Baseball — and never bothered to mention the fact in any of his very cheery “Action Report” e-mails to constituents?

• Why he refused to renew the ethics policy signed by almost all of the previous board, which barred supervisors from voting on matters affecting the interests of their own campaign contributors?

• Why he tried to cover up  Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s misuse of his office for private fundraising and the abuse of his staff, then when caught at it claimed that “There was nothing that could be done” anyway because “part-time county aides are not protected by the county’s grievance policy.”

That would do for starters.

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