Some of our best friends get $80 million loans

Still catching up on the exciting developments of a few weeks ago, what could be more exciting than Scott York’s thrillingly titled e-mail special news alert, “Huge Win for Loudoun County.”

Scott York (rechts) und Bob Farren (links) auf dem Trainingsgelände der Redwings (courtesy Hofheimer-Zeitung)

On closer examination the “Huge Win” turned out to be “Huge Win for Very Close Campaign Supporter and Generous Scott York Contributor.” What Loudoun “won” was an $80 million loan, subsidized by the taxpayers, which will allow the developers of residential/commercial/very minor league baseball utopia Kincora to get out of having to come up with the dough themselves that they promised for road improvements as a condition for getting approval for their development in the first place — in one of the already most congested spots in the county, at the intersection of Rt 28 and Rt 7.

Instead of making good on their promised proffer, the developers now will get to have the cost of the road projects paid back by one of those nifty special taxing districts by which developers pass the costs on to the suckers who buy their properties, with the government the agent responsible for collecting. Of course, this way offers another very nice feature because if it doesn’t work out and the thing goes bust, then the developer is still off the hook, since the taxpayers will be left holding the goods.

But Chairman York explained that “it was unacceptable [to whom?] to wait for Kincora’s proffers to build the roads.”

We keep hearing about the long list of hundreds of millions of dollars of urgent road projects awaiting funding in Loudoun but those alas presumably do not directly involve a developer with very close ties to the chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

Though you still wouldn’t know it from reading our esteemed local newspapers, Chairman York and his fellow Republican board members not only received $19,219 from the man behind the proposed Kincora baseball mecca, Bob Farren,  but York invited Mr. Farren to be his road-trip buddy on a recent official trip to Germany (see photo above, courtesy of the German press: our major source of news about Scott York these days), where the dynamic duo explored “new friendship on the baseball field” between Loudoun and sister county Main-Taunus Kreis, which if that ain’t a direct economic boon to Loudoun I don’t know what a boon is.


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